— David Groot

David Groot’s intuitive reservations about the myth of originality are already apparent in the Translations series from 1974, in which he reproduces his own earlier paint strokes using a pencil. He is not concerned with individual expression, but with the formal image it generates. This can also be seen in the series The Corbett Paintings from 1977 and 1978, in which meandering painterly gestures endlessly repeat each other in an attempt to cancel each other out.

In 1983, David Groot discovers the visual language of Hans Arp. Systematically he uses reproductions of Arp’s work as a source of inspiration for his drawings and paintings. Arp’s fundamental forms supply series of monumental and dramatic motifs. These appropriations are not only a tribute, but also a demonstration of an inner recycling process. In his recent work David Groot has increasingly abandoned his methodical rigour, though he still uses existing visual images as his basic material.

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