— David Groot


ROTATE RIETVELD, both a performance and a book, was conceived, produced and published on the occasion of the retirement of visual artist David Groot (1949) from his position as a teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. David graduated from the Rietveld in 1970 and rejoined the academy in 1990 as a faculty member  to teach in the basic year and the fine arts department.

By activating a careful selection of his paintings through flash appearances in a variety of spaces in the iconic modernist school building designed by ground-breaking architect Gerrit Rietveld, he aimed to imbue them with the academy’s self-proclaimed spirit of innovation and experiment.

The registrations of these transient actualizations by photographer Nikola Lamburov document their engagement with the permeability of the building and the fluidity of time, while at the same time highlighting their detachment, their undoing.

David Groot’s colleagues Manel Esparbé i Gasca, Jouke Kleerebezem, Astrid Lampe, Erik Mattijssen, Joke Robaard, Jorinde Seijdel and Ben Zegers, fellow 1970 graduate Vera de Groot, and former students Willem de Rooij, Susan van Veen, Leendert Vooijs, Guido van der Werve and Miek Zwamborn  were invited to attend the performances and to contribute a short text to the publication, in which they pair their insights to the photographic images that, as a result of the special printing process suggested by graphic designer Mikel Orfanos, seem (as Bert Taken notes in his introduction) to question their own “realness”.

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